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Review for "Poor People On TV"!

"Good satirists deliver brutal observations with a wink. They're ruthless as analysts, but blithe as storytellers. Julia Douglass navigates that balance expertly on her new CD, "Poor People on TV." The disk finds this brainy New Yorker tipping society's sacred cows with a sly delight...... In the title track, Douglass skewers our collective lust for gawking at TV shows about the sad shenanigans of unfortunates.... It's that seesaw of sweet and sour that makes Douglass so valuable.......One day, she might even become the Loudon Wainwright of her generation."---------Jim Farber, The New York Daily News, August 5th 2007
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Reviews for "In Scarsdale"

"'In Scarsdale' is a sterling collection of memorable melodies
with lyrics that depict thoughtful, touching, amusing and above
all, uncannily true pictures of contemporary American life....a
gorgeous, must-hear recording that leaves the listener hungry
for more."----------------------------Larry Flick, Billboard Magazine

"Smart Songs ..... Excels at character...in the title song, she imagines herself banished from the cool East Village to the dreary suburbs, where she'll spend each day drunk and saddled with kids who hate her. Yet she anticipates drawing sustenance by calling up a gay friend in the city who'll tell her stories about all the guys he's picking up....Douglass shows equal pluck in "Right This Time." It tells the story of a 53 year-old man who's on the cusp of starting a second family -- and confident he's ready to accept the responsibilities he ducked the first time around. While Douglass could have bitched about the guy's male privelege in getting this second chance -- or wondered about what kind of damage he inflicted on his earlier family -- she presents the situation with a sweet lack of judgment. She saves that for her blind date in 'There's a Reason He's Single' or the woman in 'The Gift of' who can't stop telling awful stories about herself -- and others." --------Jim Farber, The New York Daily News

"Smart, funny and musically accomplished."------Dan Aquilante, The New York Post

"A gifted writer...think endearing troubador. Think instant classic. Think lasting importance. Think Julia Douglass."--Allen Foster, Songwriter's Monthly

"Julia is the Lilith Fair with brains"--Meredith Ochs, WFMU-FM